Vapping Cannabis and Addiction

“The vape pen has changed my life. No, I’m not exaggerating. In fact, her name is Sippy. Yes, she’s a she buy weed australia. And yes, I named her Sippy because I take tiny, little sips — sassy sips, even — from her. Vaping Cannabis and Addiction And with each sip comes relief — from pressure, pain, stress, discomfort.” Whoopi Goldberg, Staff Writer, The Cannabist.

The proliferation of novel drug delivery devices has advanced hand in hand with the current movement of drug legalization. Profit motives require getting higher doses of THC to the brain, and public smoking laws have provided incentives to develop alternatives to combustible marijuana products.


Vapping Cannabis and Addiction


Vaping Cannabis

Edibles, liquid refreshments, snack foods and even desserts are widely available and reliably deliver high levels of THC. Devices, such as vape pens, which are an electronic means of inhaling marijuana without smoke, have become a popular delivery system for cannabis users. The glowing endorsement of vaping, Vaping Cannabis and Addiction and for recreational marijuana use via legalization, by Whoopie Goldberg, who is an Academy Award winning mega star, and other best marijuana legal dispensary  Hollywood celebrities, as well as many professional athletes, has created an air of legitimacy to numerous, unproven claims regarding the safety and efficacy of marijuana use. In theory, vaping reduces the risk of lung disease and associated cardiovascular disease when compared to smoking, so to the casual observer, vaping is safe.

Perception of Harm

We established years ago that an inverse relationship exists between the perception of harm and the prevalence of marijuana use (and all drugs of abuse) in the U.S. Recent research has determined that cannabis use via vape pen, is associated with lower perceived risks. But does knowledge of novel, seemingly safer drug delivery products such as vape pens actually increase the likelihood of subsequent use?

Why Does This Matter?

Inhalation is injection without the needle. Drug concentrations get to the brain fast and in higher concentrations when inhaled. All of this makes compulsive, addictive use more likely. Where to buy legal bud online ,It also circumvents many laws on the books which restrict public smoking that reduces second and third hand effects. The tobacco smoking epidemic was made possible by high dose tobacco, unfettered access to cigarettes through vending machines and smoking in public places and at work, plus the systematic de-stigmatizing of smoking in movies and television made this behavior socially acceptable and even “cool”.

It is déjà vu again for vaping. The safety and efficacy of marijuana, especially the consumption of higher potency products is of grave concern, especially considering that the average age of initiation for marijuana occurs in the 12th and 13th year of life, whereby neuroadaptive changes are more likely to produce co-occurring psychiatric illness.

Here are some specifics:

  • The results of this novel study showed statistically significant correlation between increased cannabis use and the use of a vape pen.
  • Vape pen use for cannabis was positively correlated to alcohol use. Specifically, the number of drinks per drinking day (episode) increased the likelihood of vaping cannabis by a factor of 12—per drink.
  • Higher injunctive norms reflected positive expectancies, which were predictive of cannabis vape pen use,buy cheap weed now.


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