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Budder weed refers to pretty much any cannabis concentrate that is creamy in consistency.

People get budder and crumble confused because they are both somewhere between oil and shatter in their consistency. Fortunately, there is an easy way to distinguish the two. If the consistency is dry and crumbly like cheese, call it crumble. Budder is moist and easier to scoop. As a result, budder tends to be more desirable than crumble.

Wax can vary from crumble to budder depending on changing factors during extraction like the temperature, solvent, pressure and strain used. For example, using propane instead of butane tends to lead to more concentrates with a buddery consistency.

When it comes to aroma, a budder weed will tend to smell more than a crumble. This will obviously also depend on the strain and extraction techniques used.

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Buy Budder Online

Buy Budder Online. Budder is a form of cannabis wax. However within the cannabis wax category you also have; honeycomb and crumble, not to mention a few others. Confused yet? The trick to understanding what budder is is by understanding the consistency and the texture of budder. Imagine that budder sits in the middle of the other two waxes listed. Cali weed for sale

Honeycomb is light and airy in consistency. It almost looks like it has been whipped and filled with air, breaking apart very easily.

Crumble does exactly what the name suggests; crumble. This makes it relatively easy to use as it can be broken apart by hand.

How Is Budder Made?

As we have already alluded too, the process involves using chemical solvents (butane and CO₂) to ‘blast’ through marijuana buds to extract the cannabinoids like THC and CBD. The next stage involves removing the potentially harmful solvents within the concentrate by purging with heat and air pressure. All that’s left behind are the concentrated compounds of the cannabis plant. Budder for sale online

Variations in the different stages of production lead to the different consistencies and the subsequent varieties of concentrates.

Budder is not quite as light and brittle as the honeycomb but neither does it break apart into chunks like the crumble. You would need a dabber to divide a portion to smoke properly rather than being able to break it by hand. This is largely due to its slightly waxy texture.

With very careful management of temperatures during the purging process and some focused whipping, very fluffy and visually appealing budder can be made. Cannabis for sale


Budder can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, most commonly using a dabber and taking dabs. The beauty of concentrates is that they are still very versatile. Medical marijuana for sale





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