Cbd Distillate Oil

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Distillate is a refined, or distilled, version of a cannabis extract. After extraction, the distillate is run through a purification process several times. The result is a liquid, clarified distillate, much like honey in color and consistency.

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Buy Cbd Distillate Oil

Buy Cbd Distillate Oil. When CBD is extracted from hemp flowers in a highly-purified and refined form, this is known as CBD distillate. Generally, CBD distillate contains trace amounts of other cannabinoids, including THC (usually less than 0.3%), though it is comprised of about 90% CBD. This process ensures that CBD can be processed and sold in states where THC-infused products are not yet legal.


CBD distillation requires several steps; first, the “raw” oil is extracted from the cannabis plant via a PX1 or PXP system. The end result of this initial extraction is a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. This blend must then undergo the distillation process, which allows the CBD to be isolated and purified to 90% or more. Order medical marijuana online

This may sound simple enough, but CBD distillation is actually a pretty complex process. In order to isolate and purify CBD,  the solution must be heated to the point that a specific compound (CBD in this case) is vaporized, but not completely eliminated from the solution. Once the CBD is in a vaporized state, it can be turned back into a purified liquid.buy cbd distillate online


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