Blueberry Pie (Hybrid), Cali Orange (Hybrid), Cherry OG (Hybrid), Death Bubba (indica), Hawaiian (sativa), Jack Herer, Mr. Christie, Mr. Clean (sativa), Nukken (indica), Original Glue (hybrid), Pineapple Express (hybrid), Pink Bubba (indica), Romulan (Indica), Strawberry Banana (hybrid), Tahoe OG (hybrid), Tangerine (hybrid), Violator Kush (indica)


Buy High Five Pre-Roll

Buy High Five Pre-Roll. High five farms is proud to introduce the Kona Gold Pre Roll 5 Pack, which lats as long as even the most dedicated toker needs. This glistening cultivar drops buckets of motivation on the head, giving you the fuel you need to accomplish tasks. Whenever you need an extra burst of tropical-flavored motivation, spark up one of the five (5) joints in the Kona Gold pack.Get high five pre-rolls

Five Pack contains five whole-flower, no trim, half gram pre rolls ready to go in a beautifully striking tin. Notes of citrus/floral induce relaxation and happiness. With roughly a 2:1 ratio, these pre rolls help alleviate pain, depression, stress, inflammation, and anxiety. || THC: 6.4% || CBD: 10.3% || 5 half gram pre rolls || Willie’s Reserve. Buy High Five Pre-Roll

Where To Buy High Five Pre-Roll

High Five Pre-Roll is loaded with earthy, indica-heavy flower that provides a typically soothing body high. The uplifting head high pairs well with your favorite TV show reruns and a walk in the evening breeze. It tends to creep in slowly and peak around the same time the munchies set in, so use the onset to get active and the comedown to settle in. Blueberry Diesel for sale, Edibles for sale, Buy edibles, cannabis infused,

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