Lemon Thai

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Effects: Happy, Talkative, Relaxed

Medical effects: Stress, Depression, Pain

THC: 23%


Lemon Thai is an uplifting sativa that is perfect for those days that you need some encouragement and a extra happy, creative spark. Originally bred by Dutch Flowers, this sativa has deep roots within cannabis culture and was created by fusing together a Thai and Hawaiian landrace together. Lemon Thai takes after its’ Thai parentage with its’ heady buzz, mimicking the cerebral effects that awaken users with a sense of introspection and an inspirative mindset. edibles, concentrates, weed shop, buy weed online, worldwide, Buy weed online, mail order weed online, buy weed online USA,



Buy Lemon Thai Strain

Buy Lemon Thai Strain. Lemon Thai is a sativa strain crossed between a Thai Sativa and a Hawaiian strain.  Lemon Thais are extremely cerebral allowing patients to feel focused and thoughtful.Where to get cheap weed, weed for sale

The buds are large and compact with a wonderful fruity lemon flavor.  Lemon Thai is great for outdoor activities whether you are on a beach or in the woods enjoying nature. Let your creativity juices out with some Lemon Thai. Lemon thai for sale

Lemon Thai For Sale

When smoking this strain. We expect a very earthy flavor. With hints of desserts and spices. It’s effects tend towards Sativa properties. Making it a mentally stimulating breed. With little body effects when smoking in small dosesThe breed is great for social functions. Or creative activities – anything your brain needs to be active and shared. When consumed in larger quantities. Especially by novice users. Can raise stress anxiety and paranoia as with strong Sativa strainsYou will usually want to try a blow. Or two before committing to a full joint.  buying weed online, buy weed online worldwide, buy weed online Australia.

It is a relatively easy growing breed when weighed against other sativas. The weight actually accumulates towards the end of the growth cycle. As the buds begin to inhibit the tall thin frame of the plant. The returns can reach 2.5 oz per plant within the house. With external returns of up to 3 pounds per plant. Where to get cheap weed,  buy lemond online USA.

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