White Widow

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White Widow marijuana strain is a perfectly balanced, slightly sativa-dominant hybrid. It comes with a 60/40 sativa/indica ratio and provides users with powerful energizing effects. This insanely popular hybrid came from the Amsterdam coffee shop scene and is loved for its strong and steady cerebral high. White Widow induces a vivid and enjoyable mental buzz perfectly combined with a feeling of relaxation.

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Buy White Widow Strain

Buy White Widow Strain.White Widow is a magical cross between a Brazilian Sativa and resin-heavy South Indian strain. It’s one of the most famous strains in the world, loved for the amazing highs and medical goodness it provides. Its avid users claim an instant energizing punch that shifts to a state of profound calm.

White Widow is a 1990s Sativa that’s only gaining in popularity. White Widow. It’s no surprise, either. This weed is famous for its potent, yet very well-balanced high. The THC content of this weed can reach up to 25%.

Experiencing The White Widow Strain

With its above-average THC levels, the White Widow marijuana strain guarantees an unforgettable experience and therefore it will definitely keep its world-famous reputation.

Get ready for a truly pleasant experience with White Widow. Uplifting, energetic, and creative this strain cultivates an almost psychedelic head space. Yet, you’ll still have plenty of wherewithal for engaged and intimate conversation. Recreational consumers will appreciate the sociability of this strain, as well as the expansive mood it cultivates.

As a well-balanced hybrid, this strain also comes with a healthy dose of full-body relaxation. Though this strain is often thought to be more mental than physical, you’re likely to feel your muscles loosen up. Many White Widow fans enjoy the light body numbness that this hybrid produces. Though this strain is energizing, the Indica heritage adds calmness to an otherwise cerebral high.


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