Durban Poison

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THC: 24%

CBD: 0.1%


Durban Poison is one of the most famous sativa varieties in entire world. This South African native strains is an extremely heady sativa that is known as one of the parent plants behind the world famous Girl Scout Cookies. Well known for having a very sweet, citrus smell; this strain will leave you very energetic and creative. A very desirable strain for artists or anyone just looking to stay productive!



Durban Poison Cannabis Strain

Durban Poison cannabis strain is a pure Sativa marijuana strain from South Africa.Durban Poison. So, pure Sativa strains available, known for its earthy, citrus flavors, and a broad range of medical uses. However, whether you are a medical or recreational marijuana consumer, this strain will leave you uplifted and energetic. cannabis dispensary, wholesale weed  sales in los angeles,

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Durban Poison carries a very strong and obvious marijuana fragrance. Most people know this flower for its sweet scent accented by some piney and pungent undertones. You can also detect strong earthy and spicy aromas hat break up its sweetness california weed for sale

When smoked, the flower comes with pine and herbal flavor, leaving a pleasant citrus-like, sweet aftertaste on the tongue.

Durban Poison has a clear, focused high that hits users right away. The amplification of sights and sounds may be initially disorienting but in the right setting can slide into an active, buzzy head high. Cheap weed online Almost entirely cerebral with no hints of debilitating heaviness or couchlock, this strain can be especially helpful for creative endeavors — it’s a great way to contemplate the nuances of an intense movie or a piece of music. Durban Poison can also be a strong social lubricant, helping smokers to feel chatty and more at ease. Durban poison for sale

Medical Benefits

As far as medical use goes, Durban Poison is popular among marijuana patients thanks to its range of positive medical effects.

Those suffering from uncomfortable eye pressure, ADD/ADHD, headaches, and chronic fatigue may enjoy this strain


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