Kush Nuts are cannabis-coated almonds and cashews. They offer one of the few sugar-free edible choices. There are both Sativa and Indica types available. We always love it when edibles indicate Sativa or Indica, even more so when they are strain specific and even better when they indicate the source so you know exactly what you are getting and from where. In this case, the Sativa is Dragonfish Farm’s Red Congelese



Kush Nuts For Sale

Kush Nuts For Sale.Kush Nuts are a savory blend of cashews and almonds, roasted with rosemary and garlic. Sugar free, gluten-free and paleo-friendly. Each bag is strain-specific, in Sativa and Indica blends, and easy to microcode, so you can choose the experience you’d like to have.Kush Nuts are made by San Francisco-based company Wish.Buy Kush nuts

Kush Nuts Edibles

The rosemary and garlic flavor is very good, making these a little bit dangerous, as it would be easy to pop a handful in your mouth. Be aware that one nut is about equal to 5mg THC, so if your usual dosing is 10mg, just two nuts will provide that dose. cannabis infused edibles for sale

While these snacks are sugar free, gluten free and paleo friendly, they do use butter so they are not vegan.Edibles
for sale

Having tried these both alone and with other edibles, I find that I use them to help augment other edibles whose effects are wearing off or ones that are not as strong as I wanted.I can eat just one nut and bump my dose up by 5mg, which is perfect for increasing dosing without taking in too much at once. Just by themselves, taking my usual 10mg dose just doesn’t give me the same strong effects as other edibles. I am glad they are more mild, as they make an excellent addition to other edibles if I am not getting the strength of effect I want.buy cannabis
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