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The only difference between live resin and another concentrate is that live resin is derived from flowers that were frozen when they were still wet. As opposed to the biomass going through the drying and curing process immediately upon harvest, it’s frozen, so it freezes all the water weight and all the compounds that were in the plant as it was alive vs what would get modulated into or what’s lost in the process of drying and curing.

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Live Resin For Sale

Live Resin For Sale is a process/method of creating a cannabis concentrate and also the name for the end product. The live resin manufacturing process is similar to those of other concentrates, i.e. purging the plant with solvents and creating a concentrated substance of various texture, density and so on. But, it is a bit more complicated and for a good reason. Buy live resin online

How is Resin made?

Live Resin is very similar to wax, shatter, and other extracts. The main difference is using fresh flower – no stems or fan leaves – with no curing or drying involved. The plant is preserved through freezing, e.g. flash freezing with the help of liquid nitrogen, thus saving the terpenes or the so-called essential oils of the cannabis trichomes, and preserving the flavors. Live Resin is very popular among cannabis connoisseurs, as it is a concentrate that comes with the full flavor and high terpene profile of the flower, although critics say that by not using the whole plant in extraction, the profile is not as rich and lacks minor but equally important terpenes.

Live resin also differs in texture. It is more liquid than the average extract and comes in a variety of consistencies like badder, sugar, sap, sauce and so on. The more terpenes there are, the more fluid the product is. Live resin for sale

How to consume Live Resin?

There are several ways to do it. We will cover all of these in more detail later, but here are the basics:

Dabbing using a rig. You can use a rig – a complicated and sometimes rather expensive apparatus made of material that can withstand high temperatures. Place your Live Resin onto a heated nail (a bowl), and inhale like you would with a bong.Where to buy live resin online, The nail can be heated using a torch or you can use the electric nail, where it is easier to set the desired temperature of 350-400 degrees.

Dabbing using a nectar collector. Similar to a rig, but a bit simpler. Nectar collector is basically a soldering tool with a bong on top of it. You heat up the tip and then put it down to your favorite concentrate in a safe-to-use dish and inhale. California weed distributors

Vaping. This is as simple as it gets. Numerous manufacturers like The Lab are selling ready-to-use pods or cartridges loaded with Live Resin that you vape like oil.

Topping off. You can also add Live Resin on top of your flower, whether in a bowl, blunt or joint, and light up. Buy weed in US

Even though the goal of Live Resin is not high THC, but its flavor, it is still a concentrate, which means its potency is 3-4 times higher than flower, so start small and work your way up.

You might also want to read up on how to store live resin in out Concentrates Storage Guide to make sure you don’t lose all those terpenes as well as the high potency of your batch over time. USA weed suppliers


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