Sugar Wax

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Unlike regular wax, sugar wax has been vacuumed and heat purged. We strategically agitate the wax to create nucleation, which gives the wax its sugary consistency. The process of nucleation helps preserve maximum terpene content and heightens the strain’s flavor profile. Medical marijuana for sale, Buy medical marijuana online, Weed for sale, Sugar wax for sale, Buy concentrate online, Buds for sale online, USA weed dispensary, California weed dispensary, Buy weed cali



Sugar Wax  Concentrates

Sugar Wax Concentrates.Sugar wax is a translucent, micro crystalline hydrocarbon extract produced by varying processing temperatures post extraction. The nucleation of THC-A causes a mild separation of terpenes, together providing the sticky, granular consistency of sugar wax. Sugar wax is extracted from dry, ground, strain specific cannabis using pure propane. Sugar wax ranges from 78-84% THC-A potency with no detectable residual solvents. Buy sugar wax online

Non-Detectable THC according to HPLC analysis





How To Use Sugar Wax

  • Vaping

We have noticed many people in the UK are creating their own vape products out of CBD Sugar Wax; this is because users can enjoy the benefits of a full-spectrum terpene rich vape oil with very minimal ingredients. In order to do this, users are heating up their chosen vape oil base (VG, PG, MCT etc.) and slowly mixing their CBD Sugar Wax into the oil, letting it dissolve over time. Since our CBD Sugar Wax is packed full of natural cannabis-derived terpenes, there is no need to add flavouring. Read our guide on how to make your own vape juice for more information. Sugar wax for sale

  • Dabbing

If creating a vape product isn’t for you, then we suggest giving “dabbing” or “vaping” a try. This is a much simpler way of consuming CBD Sugar Wax. It involves heating the CBD Sugar Wax to the temperature at which it changes state from solid into a vapour ready for direct inhalation to the lungs. By avoiding the burning of any carcinogens, this is a very healthy option.  Buy cbd concentrate online

  • Sublingual

These are all great ways to consume CBD Sugar Wax, however some people just don’t have the time to set up a dab rig, or create a vape juice. If that sounds like you, perhaps sublingual ingestion is the way to go. Sublingual means absorption under the tongue, so take a few crumbs of you CBD Sugar Wax and hold them under your tongue for an efficient and fast way to absorb cannabinoids. To further increase your bodies bio availability (active effective absorption within the body) we advise to consume a healthy fat after CBD Sugar Wax is rested under the tongue. This could be done by consuming a teaspoon of coconut oil straight after sublingual absorption. We advise this step because cannabis is fat soluble, so by adding a fat into the system, your body will absorb more CBD.

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